Our Trip to Afrotech

The most amazing experiences come from a simple idea. After navigating a strenuous journey of deferred funding, renamed bylaws, appealed meetings, and racialized overtones, we were able to secure funding to go to Afrotech. 

Once we arrived at the mesmerizing Palace of Fine Arts, we were brimming with excitement. Our first moments inside were overwhelming yet optimistic. It was an explosion of black professionals from every sector of tech and media. From behemoths like Amazon and Google to start ups like GoDaddy and WeWork, everybody was confident, engaging, affirming, and utterly beautiful. Each one of us, from Senior to first year made a meaningful connection, that not only broadened our horizons of possibility, but also sharpened our short term and long term career goals. 

On our second and final day, we were able meet with all the Wesleyan alumni that attended the conference. Our alums reached every sector of the conference; from recruiter, planner, and simple participant. Seeing that many black professionals that were in our shoes just a few years ago gave us an indescribable warmth in all of us. We exchanged stories of how our university has changed, exchanged business cards, and half heartedly joked about how overwhelming the conference truly was. For each one of us, student and alum, we beamed with the knowledge of knowing that this was only the beginning of our journey.

Thank you to everyone who helped us get to San Francisco, all the recruiters that reached out, and all the alumni that made us feel a little more at home. With Afrotech being MediaHaven’s first big project, we’ve realized the potential of our network. 

“What if we went to Afrotech?”

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